To the Lowest Bidder

by The Ex-Boyfriends



“A few tracks in with a rare but stinging hangover on a Sunday morning and the first erudite (or vaguely human) comment that fell out was: "Fucking hell, this is pretty good." Months later the hangover's long gone but the opinion is still around. The Ex-Boyfriends play raucous and ragged guitar rock-pop with a serrated edge that'll convince you the still beating heart of rock and roll has been temporarily airlifted from Spain and dropped off in Calgary, Canada... To say Michael Paton is an inventive guitarist is like saying Steven Hawking is pretty brainy... This is more than a notch above 95 percent of today's guitar rock crew.”

-The I-94 Bar, Sydney, Australia


released September 14, 2009



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The Ex-Boyfriends Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: To the Lowest Bidder
Insanely simply
And simply insane
Let a man be a man
And let a woman take the blame
Track Name: Success Hotel
And I had a toothache ever day
And every night I could not sleep
Track Name: Everything Was Better
All the cities I've ever seen
They all look the same to me
That same old building
That same new tree
Track Name: Ain't No Tourist
What is this you're feeding me?
I wouldn't give it to the poor
I ain't no tourist and I don't look up
Don't care what you say you're for
Track Name: Dangerous and Orgasmic
It's dangerous and orgasmic
And it lasts just about as long
It's dangerous and orgasmic
And you can leave your pants on
Track Name: Bad Apprentice
Give it to me I don't want it
Don't give it to me I want it
Track Name: Born to Be Kicked Out
It's not that people don't change
I guess that some of them do
The people most in need of change
They think they can change you
Track Name: Join the Majority
I think it's just about time
To join the majority
Track Name: Disturbulence
I know you think you're rebelling
But it's a rebellion against truth
Any truth is repelling
Can't blame it anymore on your youth
Track Name: Tornado Overcoat
I don't mind your confusion
It suits you better than not
Tornado overcoat
An epic without a plot

Mrs Brown, can't you hear my heart beat?
I'm into something good
Track Name: Chosen Loneliness
I've never known anyone
Who could sleep as well as you